Michael Totten

What Katrina Wrought

Thank God New Orleans is still standing. The city is in absolutely horrid shape, probably the worst in its history. But it’s there. I was stunned numb when I heard meteorologists say there was a chance it could be destroyed. Cities aren’t supposed to be destroyed anymore. What is this, the Middle Ages?
There is no city in America I want to visit more than I want to visit New Orleans. I’ve been talking about how I need to go there for years, but I keep putting it off for no particular reason. It never would have occurred to me that I need to see that city (or any other city) before it gets wiped off the map. That’s supposed to be the stuff of bad Hollywood movies, not the Weather Channel.
Looks like it could be quite a while before I get down there. And it looks like some people can never go home there again.
UPDATE: It ain’t over yet. Lake Pontchartrain is now spilling into New Orleans through a huge breach in the levee.