Michael Totten

Saudi to Open for Tourism

Saudi Arabia has finally decided to let infidel tourists into the country. The Religious Policeman (a Saudi blogger living in Britain) “interviews” the tourism minister. (Hat tip: Callimachus)


RP: So anyone can fly into Riyadh or Jeddah and just pick up a visa at the airport?
M: Men can, certainly, and married couples, as long as they can prove they’re married, so they’ll need to bring a Marriage Certificate, four copies translated into Arabic and certified by a lawyer. Not a Jewish lawyer, naturally. Women, on the other hand, will need to be sponsored by someone inside Saudi Arabia.
RP: But suppose they don’t know anyone in the country?
M: Well, we can’t help them there, can we? We’re not a Dating Agency.
RP: And what about couples who aren’t married, or gay couples?
M: Well as you know, we behead homosexuals, and stone adulterous or loose women to death, so it’s probably best if we don’t let them in in the first place, otherwise there’ll be no end of paperwork.

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