Michael Totten

300 Bombs Explode in Bangladesh

Islamist terrorists prove once and for all that they are not primarily motivated by legitimate grievances against “Western imperialism” or any other such nonsense. It takes nothing, nothing at all, to whip these bastards into murderous rage against even their own fellow Muslims.


At least two people have been killed and 50 others injured in a series of small bomb blasts across Bangladesh.
Officials say more than 300 explosions took place simultaneously in 50 cities and towns across the country including the capital Dhaka.
An outlawed Islamic group, Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh, says it carried out the attacks.
Police say that more than 50 people have been arrested in connection with the blasts.
Prime Minister Khaleda Zia condemned the attacks as “cowardly”.
“The attackers are enemies of the country, people, peace, humanity and democracy,” she said.

I’m sorry to say I told you so, but I told you so.

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