Michael Totten

Enemies to the Right. Enemies to the Left.

Yesterday I showed how at least some Islamists are a bit on the chummy side with German neo-Nazis. That’s why I titled the post Islamofascists. A handful of commenters (two, I think) thought this was evidence that Islamists have an alliance with “the left.” Um, no. It isn’t. German neo-Nazis are anything but left. If you don’t believe me, ask them what they think of the left. Ask them to self-identify. They will probably answer your email if you ask nicely. I can’t imagine they are flooded with polite inquiries.
Conservatives who try to rewrite history and make fascists out to be left-wingers remind me of how Noam Chomsky tries to rewrite history and make Stalin out to be a right-winger. It’s comforting, I suppose, to think all the bad people are on one side of a (false) binary political divide and that all the good people are on the other. But it isn’t so. The extremists on your side – whichever side you happen to be on – often strikingly resemble the extremists on the other side. I guess that’s one reason why this argument never ends.
Anyway, connections between Islamists and neo-Nazis just remind us that there are enemies (not merely opponents) on the extreme right. And there are enemies (not merely opponents) on the extreme left, too. Check out what British MP George Galloway is saying on Middle Eastern television if you think I’m overstating things. It has been a long time since I’ve seen such a repulsive and filthy performance.
NOTE: The title of this post, if you didn’t know, is an answer to the old saying “No Enemies to the Left.” I don’t know if anyone actually says “No Enemies to the Right,” but some appear to argue from that premise.
UPDATE: The discussion in the comments below is almost exclusively about which bad guys belong on the left or the right. That’s not really what I wanted to emphasize here in this post. What prompted me to write this in the first place was George Galloway’s truly appalling behavior on Middle East television. Don’t miss it. The first third is standard far-leftist nonsense…Bush and Blair are the real terrorists, that sort of thing. Then he brazenly and even poetically throws his support behind the jihad. It really must be seen to be believed.


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