New Blogging Gig

I joined a brand-new politically centrist group blog that just launched yesterday called Donklephant. A donklephant, you see, is a hybrid animal: half Democratic donkey and half Republican elephant. It has big teeth, a huge ass, and is surprisingly reasonable.
I won’t be contributing daily (at least not at first) but I do have a debut essay right out the starting gate called The West Has Never Been One. I’m not cross-posting, so you’ll have to go over there and read it.
Donklephant is the newest title in Duncan Riley’s Weblog Empire. My fellow contributers include Marcus Cicero, Callimachus, Justin Gardner, J. Thomas Duffy, and Montag.
I don’t want anyone to miss this excellent essay by Callimachus called “Josey Wales and Me.” I have a feeling that a lot of people who aren’t partisan hacks, but who still lean somewhat one way or the other, are going to read this and understand themselves a bit better than they did before they took a look at it.
Also see Marcus Cicero’s first essay called Driving.
I was the one who asked the site editor, Justin Gardner, to bring Callimachus and Marcus Cicero on board. I’m glad I did, I’m glad Justin agreed that they’re worth having, and I’m glad they both signed on. I think you’ll see why when you read what they have to say. They are both among the very best the blogosphere has to offer, and it’s an honor to work on a project with them. I’m looking forward to discovering the other new (to me) bloggers as well.



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