Michael Totten

Poll Results

Here are the results of my two wildly unscientific polls where I asked if you could vote in the Democratic and Republican primaries for 2008 today, who would you vote for?
Dem Poll.JPG
I did this out of simple curiosity and it would be a mistake to draw any firm conclusions from the results. The Democratic poll responses don’t surprise me at all. Barack Obama did well because he’s popular and he’s a good guy. Nancy Pelosi didn’t do well at all, but that’s mostly because this blog isn’t exactly a magnet for her fan club. Evan Bayh beat the others because he’s a moderate – and moderates are the audience I try to write for here in this space.
I will say, though, that it would be a mistake to dismiss Condoleeza Rice as unable to win a primary. The conservatives who read this blog are surely more moderate than conservatives at large, but still, she is only two percentage points away from winning an absolute majority here. Right-wing Republicans very well may sink her in a real live actual primary – just as the Democrats would probably nix Evan Bayh – but you never know. She did do a lot better than Bayh did, for whatever that’s worth.