Programming Note

After talking about it for six months it is finally time. I’m going to Libya. And I’m leaving first thing in the morning.
Keep checking in on the blog, though. Jeremy Brown will be guest-blogging for me while I’m away. He’s one of the few people in the world whose opinions comprehensively overlap mine. He writes well. And he’s funny. So there will be plenty of fresh content here until I get back after the long Thanksgiving weekend.
Be nice to Jeremy while I’m out. Be nice to each other. And if anyone in the White House is reading this, please, if you plan to bomb Tripoli, wait until I get back. K? Thanks kindly.
UPDATE: Guest-blogger Jeremy has this to say on his site:


Well it’s Thanksgiving, a time when tens of millions of American tourists will be shlepping over to Libya with their families for yet another cookie cutter holiday festival.

See. I told you he’s funny.


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