Michael Totten

Postcards from the Road

Today my friend Sean and I drove 750 miles from Portland to middle-of-nowhere Idaho just shy of the border near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Here’s what we saw.

Mt. Hood looms above Trillium Lake.
The forest around Trillium Lake.
After crossing the Cascade Mountains we entered Oregon’s Outback. Most people don’t know it, but half of Oregon really is desert. This photo was taken in the middle of the state just after the forest vanished.
Malheur County, Oregon, the most remote and least densely populated place in the lower 48 states. Outback, indeed.
Somewhere in Southern Idaho.
Somewhere else in Southern Idaho, near Pocatello, as the last rays of sunlight splashed on the mountains.
Tomorrow, eastward!
Will I post more photos? Or will I have enough time for the regularly-scheduled opinionated blather? Stay tuned to find out.