Michael Totten

Welcome to Memphis

How embarassing is this?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Iraqis visiting on a civil rights tour were barred from city hall after the city council chairman said it was too dangerous to let them in.
The seven Iraqi civic and community leaders are in the midst of a three-week American tour, sponsored by the State Department to learn more about the process of government. The trip also includes stops in Washington, Los Angeles and Chicago.
Elisabeth Silverman, the group’s host and head of the Memphis Council for International Visitors, said Brown told her he would “evacuate the building and bring in the bomb squads” if the group entered.

If the visiting Iraqis learn anything useful from their Memphis experience they’ll use it as an object lesson for what not to do back home. Somehow I don’t think that’s what the State Department had in mind. My experience with Arab hospitality tells me they didn’t need to learn such a lesson in any case.
I sure hope someone official apologized to these people for the idiots in our country who manage to get themselves into positions of power yet still don’t know how to behave.