Michael Totten

The Snuff Film Reality Check

Marc Cooper says the prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib pales next to the barbarism in the Nick Berg snuff film. No kidding. But he’s mercilessly heckled in the comments by the usual suspects. The only thing a certain kind of leftist seems to enjoy more than declaring and implying ad nauseum that the United States government is as nasty as Al Qaeda and the Baath Party is denouncing liberals, even columnists at The Nation, for not correctly adhering to the Proper Left-Wing Position.
We’ve all seen the gross pictures from Abu Ghraib. Now take a look at the snuff film.
I’d like to know if anyone who has the stomach to watch it still thinks even our worst soldiers are morally equivalent. Have you not yet taken note of the genocidal death warrant issued to every “infidel?”
I did not watch the video. I did see the Daniel Pearl tape and boy was that enough. So in a sense I’ve already “seen” this one. It’s the same atrocity all over again. I did watch the first few seconds of the clip at the link I provided to make sure the link works. It does. At least it did when I checked it.
I really don’t recommend you watch it. The only reason I’m even linking to it at all is because I think a certain kind of person, a certain kind of moral equivocator, is obligated to watch it to make sure they really mean what they say. It’s so easy to mouth off if you haven’t actually seen. As for the rest of you, watch at your own risk. It can seriously mess you up. This is not at all like the prison photos.