Michael Totten

Why I Live in a Red State Now

Sean LaFreniere ably demonstrates just how out of touch George W. Bush is with Americans. He gets foreign policy right but on the rest of it, wow. His agenda is not popular. Yet he still slams every Democrat in the polls.
I think Dick Morris is right. Bush is Churchill. He’s ahead because of the war. (But unlike Churchill, Bush is not going to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.)
The Democrats should be able to defeat Bush. But they have to get their act together. They have to be credible. They need to be Tony Blair. They can’t be the British Labor Party in the 30s and 40s.
UPDATE: Roger L. Simon comments.

[N]one of the leading candidates had the slightest interest in dealing with the issue that confronts civilization on an adult level. They didn’t even exhibit the capability.