Michael Totten

Purging the Dissidents

The left-on-left cat fight won’t be over any time soon.
T-bogg (a most impolite person) is still banishing moderate liberals as heretics, in this case Andrew Hagan. Today Andrew praises Hillary Clinton, but that’s not good enough for T-bogg. Oh no.
He thinks if someone isn’t 100 percent left-wing today then they have never been liberal. Like Stalin airbrushing Trotsky out of history, T-bogg says today’s dissident liberals were also right-wing in the past.
How’s the Inquisition going, dude? Workin’ for ya? Swelling the ranks of the left? Oh wait, that’s not the idea…
Meanwhile, Liberal Heretic™ Sean LaFreniere says NPR and the BBC are losing their faith in liberal democracy.