Michael Totten

Why They Hate Us

Even after the terrorist massacre at the International Red Cross center in Baghdad, Red Cross spokeswoman Nada Doumani still doesn’t understand the world she is living in.

Maybe it was an illusion to think people would understand after 23 years [working in Iraq] that we are unbiased. I can’t understand why we’ve been targeted.

Mrs. Doumani. You are not unbiased. You are trying to help the Iraqi people. You are not on the side of the Baathists or the Islamists. You represent civilization and the West. And you work for the Red Cross, not the Red Crescent.
We don’t yet know who committed this atrocity. But it isn’t too hard to narrow it down. You’re the enemy of whoever turns out to be responsible.
The Baathists want to drive out the internationals and then kill their way back into power. They want their old jobs back so they can steal, torture, imprison, rape, and enslave.
More than two years have passed since Al Qaeda attacked New York and Washington. For more than two years the world has known, and should have been able to grasp, that the “infidel” is their enemy. You, Mrs. Doumani, are an “infidel.” You are not an Islamic fascist. So you’d better watch your back and quit pretending you are a neutral. You will never please them. You can never appease them. You will never earn their trust, their thanks, or their respect. Never. Get used to it. When they say they want to kill you, for your own sake, for all our sakes, take them at their word.