No Terrorist Threat?

Jeff Jarvis reports:

Michael Moore says on the Today Show: “There is no terrorist threat.”
Lester Holt, shocked, says is there not evidence of a terrorist threat just two miles away?
Moore says, “How many people died because of terrorisn last year? None.”


Let’s be charitable and assume Michael Moore meant that terrorists killed no Americans on American soil last year. (Americans were killed by suicide bombers in Israel and Indonesia.) Moore completely ignores UN aid workers, Australians, Indonesians, Pakistanis, Indians, Russians, Moroccans, Israelis, Filipinos, and Iraqis murdered by terrorists in the past twelve months.
But his big whopping idiocy is this “no terrorist threat” business. He should pay at least a wee bit of attention to what the Al Qaeda boys say they want to do to us.


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