Left-wingers Against Howard Dean

Oliver Kamm is the latest to weigh in:

Howard Dean demonstrated his unfitness to be President several months ago with his judgement on the overthrow of Saddam Hussein:
“We’ve gotten rid of him. I suppose that’s a good thing.”
But I understate. A man who so grudgingly weighs the question of Saddam’s departure is devoid of imagination, public-spiritedness and internationalist principle. He is not a reliable compass for humane sentiment let alone the highest office of state. Being a leftist myself, I am painfully aware that candidates of the Left do not get elected to executive office if they’re perceived as untrustworthy on issues of security: McGovern, Foot, Lafontaine, Rau and the serial election loser Shimon Peres are all testament to the rule. Never mind what else he believes: if Dean is unmoved by the ousting of a tyrant who modelled his rule on Stalin and Hitler, he is untrustworthy to exercise authority in the public interest.



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