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It [having kids] is the reason for marriage. It’s not to affirm the love of two people. I mean, that’s not what marriage is about.
Rick Santorum, Republican senator from Pennsylvania
I wanted a reminder of that day when we visited the mares and had lunch with Saddam Aziz. A piece not so much of the old Iraq, but of the peaceful Iraq, something living and good and beautiful, not garish and ugly, or scared, or tortured, or dead.
Patrick Graham in The Observer, longing for the day when Saddam Hussein was still in power
For America, Korea has always been understood as a part of China or a part of Japan.
Mun Yol Yi, The New York Times
Hillary [Clinton] has a history of human rights abuses…She voted against the fillibuster, watched as anti-war leafletters were arrested outside her office and voted for the war in Iraq as well. Her unanimous support of this illegal war and her support of child labor and prison labor should be acknowledged. Nowhere in her whitehouse biography does she aknowledge her support of human rights abuses.
Wage Slave, Portland Indymedia
For the people of Iraq, the next stage in their long suffering is under way.
Robert (my name is now a verb) Fisk, The New Zealand Herald
As for you, the American people, you must start to worry that the performance of your military does not start to give ideas to your southern neighbors. If they continue to perform like they are doing in Iraq , then I for one believe the Mexican Army is a serious threat to your national integrity.
Saudi Prince Amr Muhammad Al-Faysal, Arab News
Manifestly, there is no civil-liberties crisis in this country. Consequently, people who claim there is must have a different goal in mind. What else can you say of such people but that they are traitors?
Ann Coulter,
Anti-war activist at a protest



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