Faster, Please!

Happy Birthday, Modern World

That’s what the 4th is, the modern world’s birthday.  Those who signed the Declaration knew it was a revolutionary event–rulers must henceforth be accountable to the people, because the people are endowed with God-given rights–and they were right.  Wave after wave of democratic revolution have swept the world ever since.

Today the basic premises of our revolution are under murderous attack from quintessential counterrevolutionaries at home and around the world.  It is too soon to be able to predict the outcome, but we should take some comfort from the fact that the revolutionaries are fighting back.  The counterrevolutionaries did not expect that;  they thought we were weak and feckless, and maybe even wanted to be dominated.  Wrong, as so often over the past two centuries plus.

So as we celebrate, we must remind ourselves, our families and our friends that we are the only truly revolutionary country in the world, and we must continue to fight for the success of the democratic revolution.

One day, we will pass into history, but this is not that day.  We’ve got a lot left if we fight, and we are fighting.

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