Sunset in South Africa...Wow

There is really nothing like it.  We flew on South Africa Airlines from Washington to Johannesburg, changed to a one-engine plane that took us up to Kruger National Park, circled the landing strip once to frighten off the animals (mostly antelope) and then landed a couple of hours before sunset.  En route to our quarters we drove through a herd of elephants,a herd of buffalo, past eagles, antelopes and two rino.  Unpacked just in time for the sunset, the usual, inspiring, dazzling orange and pale blue sky at day’s end.  For us Africa addicts, it brings a unique peace of mind and natural beauty unique on this earth.


Now if only I remember to shake the scorpions out of my sneakers whenever I get out of bed…I’ll be able to savor the news that we have finally moved against the terrorist camps in Syria, for which I have been calliong since 1983.  And how wonderful that Michael Yon is on Pajamas!

Maybe we’ll someday do the same to the Iranian camps.


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