Faster, Please!

Swinging Spain, Groovy Biden

Midnight in Marbella, our dinner at Antonio’s, down in the hyper-chic port area where the King of Saudi Arabia anchors his modest yacht this time of year, ended a bit after midnight.  Great food, plenty expensive (but Barbara and I are guests, so we simply gasp, it is painless), but the dorada with garlic is terrific, the fresh fruit spectacular, and the passing scene is dazzling.  It seems every rich kid within a thousand miles is here, and the quantity of clothing is inversely proportional to the class standing of the kid.  The richer you are, the less you wear.  Great for the morale of aging folks like me.  And after dinner you can shop.  The stores are open until 2 A.M.  So the next time someone tells you Americans are crazy because they work ridiculous hours, tell them about Marbella.

Great flight back on Iberia, which offers free email and text messaging on board.  Soon there will be no hiding from the IT, which I think is bad news.  Good movies, good music, comfortable seats, seemingly brand new planes.  I suppose the food is ok, but it seems to have been chosen to make sure that the Jews and Muslims starve.  Pork in almost everything, soup to salad.  Eurabia has not reached Spanish airline kitchens, apparently.  But there was a good vegetarian plate, and plenty of good bread and cheese, so I got even fatter…sigh.

Got home to the news that it’s groovy Joe Biden for Obama’s veep nominee.  I love that, I think they’re a perfect match.  Two men totally infatuated with their own voices.  I can just hear each of them thinking, “God, I love that voice.  Such a voice.  What a pleasure that it’s MY voice.  And I’m going to make sure everyone listens to it all the time, no matter what it says, the important thing is to keep it flowing, keep it coming, it’s so beautiful, so hypnotic, so…so eloquent, it’s eloquent no matter what the words, it’s just fantastic, and it’s MINE.”

I love this presidential campaign.