The Archbishop's Sermon

Ardeshir Dolat has forwarded a short article from the Australian Broadcasting System’s web site that quotes the Archbishop of Canterbury as follows:

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has issued an angry rebuke to those in the United States who favour military action against Syria or Iran.

“When people talk about further destabilising of the region, when you read about some American political advisers speaking about action against Syria and Iran, I can only say that I regard that as criminal, ignorant and potentially murderous folly,” he said.


As you know, I’m all against invading or bombing Iran–although I think we’re entitled to attack the terrorist training bases in both countries on the grounds of legitimate self defense–but frankly this sort of thing is insulting to the United States, Iraq, and all members of the coalition. Not one word about the murderous activities of the mullahs or the Allawites. Not one little suggestion that maybe they should stop blowing up innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, Lebanon and Gaza.

Look deeply into your own glass house, Archbishop, before you start lobbing rocks at us.


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