Faster, Please!

Death to the Women

If you want to see what the Caliphate will look like, just take a gander at the Islamic Republic of Iran. And one of its salient features is the compulsive repression of women. I’m not sure that modern psychology is up to this one, although I think earlier psychoanalysts like Eric Fromm were. There is a pathological fear of love, because true love necessarily permits freedom for both partners. True love is the result of a free choice, and a loving marriage endures when both choose to continue, with all the compromises and even sacrifices that entails.

The mullahs hate all that. They want to dominate women at all costs. So it is not surprising to find stories like this:

AFP – World News
Jul 3, 2007

Tehran – Iran has sentenced a women’s rights activist to flogging and almost three years in jail for taking part in a 2006 protest over “discriminatory” laws, the ILNA news agency reported on Tuesday.

Delaram Ali was sentenced to 10 lashes and two years and ten months in jail for “participation in an illegal gathering”, “propaganda against the system” and “disturbing public order”, her lawyer Nasrin Sotoodeh told ILNA.

Ali was one of the 70 people arrested in June 2006 in a protest at a Tehran main square against articles in Iranian law which are seen as discriminating against women.

Take a look at that last paragraph, by the way. “Articles…which are seen as discriminating…” Puhleeze! Iranian law explicitly values a woman as precisely half a man. To take the most grotesque example, if a woman is pregnant with a male fetus, and both are killed in a car crash, the family gets one full “penalty payment” for the male fetus, and half as much for the mother.

If that’s not discrimination, then the sun has frozen.