Faster, Please!

Save Africa from the Europeans

I am constantly in a rage over the European campaign to kill Africans, even as the Europeans preach peace and love, shovel aid money into the bank accounts of African businessmen and politicians, and click their tongues over the Darfur genocide. But the worst of it is when the environmentalist cultists sentence Africans to die of malaria, which is the continent’s biggest killer. There is a great post on one of my favorite blogs, that puts it very nicely:

…some people in Europe threaten agricultural bans and other sanctions against countries that use DDT to save lives. Aid agencies refuse to supply or support the use of DDT, while they promote bed nets that don�t get delivered and await vaccines that are still a decade away. And environmental groups continue to tell lies about DDT and worry more about hypothetical health problems from the chemical, than about the disease and death it can prevent.

You want hypocrisy? How about the environmentalists who condemn Africans to death by disease, because of bad science evoked in the name of Gaia. Pfui.