The Plot

By now we all know that ABC News has published what it claims to be a CIA covert action program designed to “destabilize” the Iranian regime. It has two main components: a disinformation operation, and some economic sabotage.


As I said on The Corner a while ago, it’s a typical CIA product: the opposite of a serious program. You don’t need a secret disinformation operation; instead, we need an effective, public, information effort, including a VOA Farsi Service that entertains criticis of the mullahs more than their apologists, and administration spokesthings who talk about the grisly repression of the Iranian people carried out by the regime. Above all, four little words “we support regime change” would be a great way to start. And those words should come from the White House or Foggy Bottom. So far, we’ve got the secretary of state saying she doesn’t want regime change, just “better behavior” from the mullahs.

As for sabotaging the Iranian economy, it’s hard to improve on the mullahs’ own performance to date. I’d order CIA to stay out of their way.


In fact, I’d order the CIA to stay away from Iranians overall. What a bunch of dolts.

Well, on the other hand, this sort of leak invariably comes from people trying to kill the program. My guess is that CIA doesn’t want to do ANYTHING mean to the mullahs, and so they are trying to sabotage their own silly program.

Another reason why my vote next year will likely go to any candidate who proves he/she understands that CIA desperately needs closure.


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