Mullahs Lie, People Die

Iran has predictably accused the United States of supporting Balouchi terrorist attacks against the Revolutionary Guards Corps. I doubt anyone out of range of the moonbats will believe it, and the Iranians’ behavior shows that they don’t really believe it either. As Charles Johnson over at Little Green Footballs shows, the Iranians’ “evidence” is a total hoax. Charles calls it “a blatant Photoshop fraud.” (LGF is down at the moment, but I’ll give you the link as soon as it comes back up).


UPDATE: the LA Times swallows it whole. Here it is.

Claiming they were pictures of weapons seized at terrorist headquarters in Zahedan, FARS actually ran doctored photos, which were designed to reinforce the claims made in parliament, that “The arsenals used in the criminal act were US-made, while the documents and proofs show that the terrorists were supported and led by the US.” In addition, the mullahs claim to have confessions from the “terrorists” that they received “all-out support” from the United States.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit reports that the mullahs have already identified, tried, convicted and executed one of the “terrorists.”

MORE: And Kamangir summarizes the legal process nicely:

Name: Nasrollah Shanbhe Zehi (نصرالله شنبه‌‏زهی).

Date of Committing the Crime: 14 February 2007.

End of the Investigations: 15 February 2007 (less than 24 hours after arrest).

End of Trial and Issue of the Verdict: Unknown (probably it was an “order”).

Date of Announcing the Verdict: Unknown.

Date of Appeal: Unknown.

Date of Retrial: No retrial in Allah’s government.

Date of Execution: 19 February 2007 (less than four days after the end of investigations).

I wonder if the American journalists who were so eager to challenge the detailed presentation of actual physical evidence of Iran’s murderous actions against coalition forces in Iraq, will expose the mullahs’ blatant falsification. I rather doubt it. And I don’t expect the paladins of the dying media to draw the obvious, and important conclusion: the mullahs are facing discontent so deep that their internal enemies are resorting to very dangerous acts of violence against the instruments of repression.


The War of the Persian Succession rages on. And we are absent, except in the falsifications of the Islamic Republic.

I wonder if they’re as smart as they think they are. Do they think it enhances their security if large numbers of Iranians come to believe that the United States is killing the oppressors? Not bloody likely. It’s more likely to encourage those tens of millions of Iranians who dream of freedom. Careful what you lie about, dear Ali, you may be digging your own grave.


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