The Heart Sinks...

My heart fell while reading the president’s interview in today’s Wall Street Journal. At a certain point he seems to preen himself, to brag that he’s wimping out on Iran:


There is a temptation for people to take my comments and
say, ‘Really what he wants to do is escalate the conflict.’ The answer
to that is that we can solve this peacefully and we’re going to need
other partners to help us solve it peacefully. Anyway, that’s where we

Those are not the words of a Texan who understands the nature of the war we’re in, and have been in, for nearly three decades. Those are the words of a man who has been lobotomized by the dips and spooks who have never wanted to deal with the Iranian threat, the same sorts who rewarded Yasser Arafat’s murder of an American ambassador with the intel version of an insurance policy.

A fine mess you’ve made for us, Ollie.


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