Stop the Presses: Saudis Confess Funding Terror

Last night, the New America Foundation threw a good-bye banquet for Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Washington, Prince Turki, who is going home for unknown reasons after a shockingly brief tenure. The FT’s guy in Washington, Guy Dinmore, after devoting most of the story to gratuitous slams at President Bush, drops this little IED into one of the late paragraphs:


Asked about the support Iraq’s Sunni insurgents received from inside Saudi Arabia, Prince Turki said they were backed from all over the Sunni world. But he denied the kingdom was interfering in Iraq and said it was trying to stop cross-border infiltration.

And here I thought the Saudis were our allies in the war against terror. Who ever would have thought that Prince Turki himself would come out and say that not only his own family, but from good folks “all over the Sunni world”?

Of course, he was quick to deny that “the kingdom was interfering in Iraq…” He really didn’t have to. We don’t think that funding the terrorists is “interfering.” Heaven forfend.


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