'Man vs. Street' Asks Folks at Pro-Palestine Protest to Condemn Hamas Violence. It Didn't End Well.

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One of the most disturbing revelations brought to light after the horrific Hamas terrorist attack in Israel — which killed 1,400 people, some of whom were Americans — is the level of antisemitism that exists in the United States and other supposedly civilized nations around the world. For years, we’ve heard from diehard progressives like Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan that Israelis are colonists and are oppressing the Palestinians, so it’s not completely shocking that some of this hatred still exists on the left.


However, I don’t think many of us realized just how pervasive it is until the attacks almost two weeks ago. It’s legitimately shocking. There are a ton of liberals who say that while they are pro-Palestine, they are not pro-terrorist, and neither are most people who show support for the people living in Gaza.


According to Kay Smythe of the Daily Caller, there are actually a whole lot of people who support both Hamas and the attacks they launched on Israel, though they may not just come right out and say it. In fact, they state this support by refusing to condemn the actions of the terrorist group, a sort of affirmative by not stating a negative.

Smythe reported that the outlet’s “Man vs. Steet” team attended a pro-Palestine protest taking place in our nation’s capital on Tuesday to find out if any of the attendees would come out and condemn the terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas that killed over a thousand innocent people.

Hamas gunmen engaged in a systematic slaughter on Oct. 7, killing over 1,400 Israelis and dragging some 200 back to Gaza as hostages. The group’s actions also included rape, the mutilation of corpses and the murder of infants and toddlers.

It’s not hard for any God-fearing person to see these actions as horrendous. Unless, it seems, you were at the pro-Palestine rally in D.C. “You want me to condemn Hamas? I can’t do that,” one man told host Joel Gibbons. “I approve of anyone who fight for their freedom,” another said.


It didn’t take long for things at the protest to heat up, as a few individuals tried to block Gibbons and got pretty hot under the collar.

When Gibbons asked some of the protesters about the horrific acts of violence playing out in Israel at the hands of Hamas, a protester whipped out some good old-fashioned sarcasm and asked him if he was referring to “the Israelis’ savage attacks on Gaza, where they’re literally bombing thousands of babies, and the Hamas fighters are underground and not being touched.”

The same person then asked the YouTube host to also condemn violence, to which Gibbons gave the perfect answer. He condemned it, thus giving him the moral high ground over the protester in their conversation. And that’s when the protester, realizing he was defeated, stomped away, though the individual did attempt to block the camera again.

One of the main reasons a person becomes a leftist is because the ideology of said movement appeals heavily to emotion. Folks who are dominated by feelings tend to run headlong into a liberal worldview without putting much thought into the logical conclusion of said beliefs and what actions they may have to support and justify in order to remain consistent.

As a result of being dominated by their emotions, leftists tend to be far, far more violent in their reactions to things they perceive as morally wrong. This is why Democrats, socialists, progressives, and communists never provide any real, long-lasting solutions to the problems our nation and the rest of the world face on a daily basis. Emotions cloud their judgment and vision, preventing them from being able to see the other side of the story or issue.


Instead, emotional enslavement demands reaction. Reaction usually doesn’t solve a problem, but compounds it instead. These protesters are dominated by emotion, which is why they push forward in support of violent acts, despite the fact that their own confessed belief system, if applied consistently, demands they condemn those actions.


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