Fetterman Leaves MSNBC Host Flabbergasted With Nasty Insult to Republicans

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Sen. John Fetterman (D-Penn.), the man who I not-so-affectionately refer to as “Uncle Fester,” isn’t well known for doing anything that actually benefits his state or our nation. Rather, he’s best known for his choice of wardrobe on the Senate floor, which consists of gym shorts and ratty-looking hooded sweatshirts. In other words, he tends to dress like a homeless bum looking for someone to donate a few bucks to his liquor fund.


Fetterman is also a rather nasty individual with a mean streak a mile wide and a thousand feet deep. This is a fairly common trait among radical leftists in today’s political climate, who would rather spit in your face than treat you as a human being who simply has a different way of looking at the world.

This attitude was recently put on full display during an interview that took place on Monday with MSNBC host Chris Hayes. During the segment, Fetterman delivered such a disgusting and appalling insult to the Republican Party that Hayes was flabbergasted and struggled to get the conversation back on track.

According to a report from the Daily Wire, while the two men were having a conversation on the show, Hayes asked the Pennsylvania Senator to share his thoughts about a potential government shutdown as both political parties continue to war against one another to find some sort of solution concerning the budget. The question really ticked off Fetterman, who spewed forth some serious vitriol in response.

Hayes kicked off the conversation, saying, “How things have operated since that deal was — a bipartisan deal — was struck for certain topline spending numbers for all of the funding bills that have to be passed to make the budget — keep the government running. The Senate has basically been delivering those, and passing them by big, 91-7 bipartisan majorities.”


He went on, “The House today looks like it’s falling apart, you’ve already got 17 ‘no’ votes in that House Republican Caucus, saying we’re not passing anything — what do you think’s happening here?”

Fetterman’s response started off with a heaping helping of praise for his fellow Democrats in the higher chamber of Congress. He gave them two thumbs up for being “really about governance,” noting he was just as proud as punch to be working with all of them.

Then he turned nasty. “The House, the whatever they call themselves — Team America or whatever they call themselves,” Fetterman said, taking a jab at the House Freedom Caucus. “I am just like, hey, I am just like, bring your vote, you know? Otherwise they need to go hump a different leg.”

What a class act, that Fetterman. Gosh, we need more brave and bold individuals like Uncle Fester to serve in public office, don’t we? He’s the missing ingredient necessary to once again reestablish political positions within the federal government with prestige and honor.

And I totally don’t mean a single word of that, but you probably already knew that, didn’t you?

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At that point, Hayes just sat there, silent as the grave, obviously attempting to process what Fetterman had said and how in the world he might get the train back on the tracks for the rest of the interview. After what felt like an eternity, the brain cells began firing once again, and Hayes moved the conversation on. “Um — the — you were in — uh — you drove your — I think it was a Ford …”


What an excellent recovery. Hayes is a true master in the realm of journalism. Need a guy who won’t crack under pressure and can handle any sort of situation that comes his way? You won’t find anyone to better roll with the punches than Chris Hayes.



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