The Left's 2020 Dream Ticket: Sanders-Warren!

Drums along the Mohawk ( AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

The dreams of red-diaper babies die hard:

Let’s consider the Democratic options for the presidential ticket in the 2020 elections, with emphasis on the possibility of a Democratic ticket in 2020 of Sanders for president and Warren for vice president. Let’s consider three hypothetical Democratic tickets in 2020, which provide alternate models for how Democrats could regain the presidency and govern alongside a Democratic House and Senate after the presidential election.

The first model for a Democratic ticket in 2020 would be led by Sanders and Warren. This would be the progressive populist ticket offering the most bold and sweeping agenda. The second model for a Democratic ticket would be led by former Vice President Joe Biden, running with a vice-presidential nominee such as Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) on a ticket that combines vast presidential calibre experience and a widely respected younger generation progressive leader.

The third model for a Democratic ticket would be led by Rep. Joe KennedyIII (D-Mass.), a rising star of House Democrats, running with a vice presidential nominee such as California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who formerly served as chairman of the House Democratic Caucus in Congress, or Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.).


Nightmare, right? Noteworthy as well: no mention of Hillary Clinton. Instead, the author of this piece in The Hill, Brent Budowsky, prefers to believe that what America really wants in order to liberate itself from Trump is a dose of Leftism, good and hard:

In terms of winning the national popular vote and an electoral vote majority, there is a credible case that the most clearly progressive and politically aggressive Democrats can indeed win, and potentially win big.

The most important and powerfully persuasive data in modern American politics is that virtually every poll in 2016 showed Sanders defeating Donald Trump by 10 percent or more. In the Real Clear Politics summary of 2016 polling, Sanders ran ahead of Trump by an average margin of more than 10 percent and often by much larger margins.

Whether one supports Sanders or any other potential candidate in 2020, the case is clear that a strong progressive program and message would give Democrats a decided advantage in any campaign against the scandal-ridden and crony-capitalist-dominated presidency of Trump and his GOP allies in Congress.

Whoever the Democratic nominee in 2020 is, he or she should, and almost certainly will, run a visionary and aggressive campaign that promises to bring the next great era of progressive leadership to America and could well realign American politics for a generation after the post-Trump era.


Dream on. It’s impossible to predict the state of play in the fall of 2020, but the first year of the Trump administration has brought the economy roaring back, put extra money in the citizens’ pocket via the tax cuts, and has had a measurable impact in the Middle East and, latterly, on the Korean Peninsula. Meanwhile, what do Bernie and Fauxcahontas offer besides higher taxes, more regulation, and free stuff? Only a very rich man or an unemployed moron would vote for that.



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