BBC Cuts Pay of Male Journalists After 'Pay Gap' Outcry

BBC Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine (Lauren Hurley/PA Wire)

Annals of Weenieness, British division:

The BBC said on Friday that it was reducing the salaries of several of its most prominent male journalists following Carrie Gracie’s decision this month to leave her position as the British broadcaster’s China editor to protest unequal pay between men and women at the organization.

“The BBC has agreed to pay cuts with a number of leading BBC News presenters, and others have agreed in principle,” the organization said Friday, although it was unclear how much they had agreed to reduce their salaries. The BBC said that an independent audit into equal pay would be published next week.

Among those receiving pay cuts are the presenters Jeremy Vine, Huw Edwards and John Humphrys. A tape of a conversation Mr. Humphrys had with a colleague in which he seemed to be making light of Ms. Gracie’s concerns over the pay gap was recently reported on in the British press.

Ms. Gracie left her post in Beijing this month and returned to the BBC newsroom in London, where, she said, she would be “paid equally.” Her resignation revived criticism of Britain’s publicly funded broadcaster, which last summer published the salaries of its top stars. The data revealed a startling gap in pay between its most senior male and female journalists. After that became public, the BBC’s most senior female journalists demanded the organization take action.


Funny that this punitive redistribution scheme regarding the “pay gap” should happen right after Jordan Peterson’s demolition of Cathy Newman went viral:

When white men feel they are losing power, any level of nastiness is possible, and much power has been ceded recently. Amid the steamrolling effect of the MeToo campaign, of the sudden dominance of gender equality in the news and amid the fall of many Great Men, here comes the whirling centre of the storm, when we have to fight harder than ever to be heard. We are in backlash season.

When questioned by Newman if he believed that gender equality was a myth, Peterson said only if she meant “in terms of outcomes”. There is a reason women, who tend to be “compassionate and caring”, end up as nurses and physicians, he said, while men end up as engineers. If we men and women were to sort ourselves out equally, there would be a dangerous imbalance, he believed. Newman also asked why he had the right to air his controversial views. He replied, “I’m a clinical psychologist”, with the cool calm of a cartoon villain.

Watch the whole thing:

The point, of course, is not to help women or indeed any other class of workers; the point is to take business decisions out of the hands of businesses and to put them in the hands of Marxist bureaucrats who subscribe to the “labor theory of value,” a pillar of Communist economic theory. That it’s dressed up as a civil-rights issue (on the Left, everything is a “civil-rights” issue) only makes it more insidious.



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