Against Jihad, a Quantum of Solace Is Not Enough

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Writing in the  New York Times, a columnist for the lefty Guardian ponders the latest “lone wolf” Muslim attack on London with a celebration of restraint:


“The growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts,” George Eliot wrote in “Middlemarch.” On Thursday, in a statement to the House of Commons about the attack that had occurred right outside Parliament the day before, Prime Minister Theresa May echoed that sentiment, paying tribute to the “millions of acts of normality” that are the most powerful weapons against extremist violence. This was London’s counterattack: to show that it takes more than a murderous rampage through Westminster to shut down this mighty city.

Pardon my French, but what a steaming pile of horse manure. No one ever said that a single act of Mohammedan violence could shut down a great city; what shuts down a great city is its takeover by Islam. Has any city ever had its quality of life, art and culture improve by a Muslim conquest? The point of the recent attack was not to “shut down” London but to remind the native English that it’s only a matter of time before their city falls, as Baghdad, Cairo and others have fallen before it. Like SPECTRE, Islamists have people everywhere:

The fact is, thoughts and prayers and teddy bears are no longer an appropriate reaction to an enemy now openly living within the gates of Western civilization, and boasting about his antipathy to it. And yet useful idiots like Matthew d’Ancona continue to take the inimical side of the argument, going so far as to couch his description of Westminster in explicitly Arabic imagery:

Westminster is indeed a village, and, as a commentator on Britain’s political scene, I treat it as my professional workplace. For all its architectural grandeur, it is really a noisy souk, a forum for gossip, ideas and haggling. Shortly before the attack, I had been to see a cabinet minister who was worried about a “difficult year ahead” for the government. When I returned, Parliament Square had been closed off by the police and the traffic was gridlocked. The sirens of ambulances told their own distressing story.


It’s clearly beyond this propagandist’s ability to connect the “souk” with the police and ambulances trailing in its wake. And yet what other interpretation can there be for the spate of violence that’s wracked Europe since large-scale “emigration” from the Islamic ummah began in earnest? To think that people who strap toddlers with suicide bombs will be deterred by floral arrangements is the height of folly. It also bespeaks an utter loss of faith in one’s own culture, brought on by the cultural-Marxist dechristianizing of the West — an atheist/agnostic vacuum into which is rushing anti-civilizational monsters from the satanic Id, armed with swords.

Pushback is sorely needed, and in fact it’s coming. Despite what you read about Geert Wilders’ recent “loss” in the Dutch elections, the fact is that his party actually picked up five seats in the parliament to become the second-largest party in the Netherlands, while the ruling part lost eight seats. In France, Marine le Pen is steadily gaining ground, and is a shoo-in to make the second round of voting in the upcoming presidential elections. And Germany is just one more major terrorist incident away from toppling Mutti Merkel and descending into utter chaos. Even the Europeans eventually get sick of memorial wreaths.

Perhaps some good philosophical advice comes from the legendary Al Capone, who famously explained how the various competing underclasses of his day — the Italians, the Irish and the Jews — managed to achieve some sort of modus vivendi on the streets of Brownsville-East New York:


The fact is, weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth are of little use against a culture that defines itself in opposition to the West, and seeks its destruction. The Europeans are betting that the Musselmen can be tamed and co-opted by the very soulless secularism they’re seeking to destroy. That’s not a good bet.

This was not the first attack like this on London and everyone knows it will not be the last. In such an age, and in such circumstances, the only way to proceed is — in the much-loved British slogan — to keep calm and carry on.

And carry a big stick, just in case.


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