States Seeking New Legal Means to Regulate Protests

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The Regressives’s complete unwillingness to accept the legitimate electoral victory of Donald Trump and the GOP has forced them back to a tactic that last worked for them in the 1960s and ’70s — marches, protests and, sometimes, mayhem. This is to be expected from the fascist Left, whose elder statesmen got their heads bloodied in Chicago in 1968 and ’69 but eventually succeeded in getting the United States to withdraw from Vietnam.


But this constant barrage of “mostly peaceful” whining (the media is in on this as well, turning a near-blind eye to the broken windows of Berkeley) is finally getting on Real Americans’ nerves. Now, perhaps, the Soros brigades really might have something to yelp about:

Republicans in statehouses across the U.S. are devising legal tools to regulate public dissent as demonstrators take to the streets to protest President Donald Trump in waves not seen since the Vietnam War.

At least 10 bills to limit protests have been introduced in recent months. North Dakota is considering protection for motorists who unintentionally kill protesters blocking roads. Washington state Senator Doug Ericksen would punish those who “disrupt our economy.” Next week, North Carolina Senator Dan Bishop will call for imprisoning people who intimidate ex-officials, after former Governor Pat McCrory was pursued down a Washington, D.C., alley by a group chanting “Shame!”

“That extends over the borderline of decency,” Bishop said in an interview. Though such demonstrators are “constitutionally entitled” to express their views, he said, they aren’t free to threaten violence.

Many of the bills, which critics say impinge on constitutional freedoms, were filed before Trump’s election in response to Black Lives Matter and oil-pipeline protests. They’ve gained fresh relevance amid global women’s marches and nationwide airport demonstrations over Trump’s immigration ban. On Wednesday night, black-clad protesters set fires and smashed glass at the University of California at Berkeley, forcing the cancellation of a speech by a conservative writer.


Protest is an old and honorable American tradition, but these Marxist-fueled mobs are something altogether different. For the modern Left, there’s no line at all between dissent and revolution, and their goals are openly seditious. They’ve been indulged long enough.

A larger issue is the question of secession, which has now been publicly raised in California. Trump’s crackdown on “sanctuary cities” is long overdue — the question of federal nullification was settled by the Civil War between 1861 and 1865. The last time the Democrats boycotted an election, protested the president’s legitimacy, and vowed to “resist,” they wound up firing on Fort Sumter. It took Sherman marching through Georgia to explain the alternative facts of life to them.

Do they really want to go down that road again?


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