In Case You Thought the Media Was on America's Side...

Terminally infected by political correctness, the clueless middle-age white guys who mostly run the American media are literally unable to comprehend that millions of their fellow citizens do not think the nation is in need of “fundamental transformation” in areas such as illegal immigration.


Donald Trump’s supporters have negative views about immigrants, particularly those who entered the United States illegally. That’s not a news flash. Mr. Trump’s vow to build a wall along the southern border – financed by Mexico – remains one of his biggest rally applause lines.

But what, specifically, is behind this anger? Is there anything about undocumented immigration that even Trump voters see in a positive light? We’ve run across a couple of interesting studies that bear on these questions in recent days. The first is a Pew Research “feeling thermometer” survey that shows one reason why Trump voters, even more so than Republicans in general, think immigration is bad for the US.

The reason? Trump backers appear much more likely to believe that a growing number of newcomers in the US “threatens traditional American customs and values.”

Who could ever think such a thing? What’s your problem with illegality? Why don’t you just shut up as hordes of “immigrants” from Latin America march across the “border” and traipse across your private property? What are you, a bigot?

[A] second study, conducted by assistant professors Morris Levy of the University of Southern California and Matthew Wright of American University, focuses on the opinions of non-Hispanic white voters on illegal immigrants and why many US voters support tougher measures against them. Is it pure anti-Latino prejudice, or something else?

The study’s first finding appears to back the prejudice theory. A survey found that US voters were much less likely to say a Mexican immigrant – as opposed to a German or Asian counterpart – should be allowed into a notional legalization program. But that discrimination disappeared when respondents were told the Mexican immigrant spoke English and had worked as waiter for two years. That appeared to remove a concern of white voters that the Hispanic immigrant would be a burden on US taxpayers.


Prejudice, discrimination, bigotry — the media’s all-purpose explanation for everything that impedes the “progressive” program.




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