Fading Dowager Empress of Chappaqua 'Campaign' Setting Off Alarm Bells on Left

It’s not really a campaign, of course, but more like a stately waddle toward the White House. Make that a delusional stately waddle:

Here’s what we know has happened so far in the Democratic primary for president. Since Hillary Clinton started spending money, hiring staff and campaigning, she has lost votes. In Iowa and New Hampshire, she was doing better in the polls in January than she is today. Heck, she had more votes last month than she has today. Politics is about trends and the one thing we know is that trends escalate in speed as elections near. Even starting out with the huge lead that she did, Clinton can’t allow Sanders to keep gaining votes while she loses votes in the hope that the bleeding won’t be fatal in the long run.

The truth is Hillary Clinton has supported every US war since Vietnam. She supported not only DOMA, which her husband signed, but a travel ban on those who were HIV positive. She supported welfare cuts (remember her husbands efforts towards “ending welfare as we know it”?). She supports the death penalty and campaigned in her husband’s place during the 1992 New Hampshire primary when he left to oversee the execution of an African American man whose suicide attempt left him brain damaged.

And if “mass incarceration” is a problem today, keep in mind she has long advocated for the criminal justice policies that called for locking up more people for longer periods. She supports—and, as Secretary of State, participated in—the US policy of targeted assassinations, including when the targets were American citizens. In a political environment in which income inequality is a rallying cry, she makes $300K plus expenses an hour. In fact, she would be the wealthiest person elected president in the modern era.

We can debate the merits of each of these positions but it’s hard to argue it’s not exactly the dream resume for the 2016 progressive candidate.


Hilarious to see the woman whose senior thesis at Wellesley was an ode to Saul Alinsky getting outflanked on her left. And even funnier to see the Leftist media suddenly trying to position her as a conservative.


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