For $75 Grand, Patton's Revolver Could Have Been Yours


Speaking of American badasses, none badder than the great Gen. George S. Patton, Jr., America’s most effective fighting general in World War II Europe. Style, courage under fire, tactical skill — the man had it all, including swell accessories:


A Colt .45 revolver once owned by General George S. Patton sold for $75,000 at auction in Los Angeles. Profiles in History, which conducted the auction, had expected the working firearm to fetch over $60,000. The Colt .45 Model 1873 single-action revolver with distinctive stag horn grip was acquired by the famous World War II general around 1928.

The gun, owned by Patton until his death in 1945, is often considered to be a version of his famous ivory-handled Colt. 45, which is on display at The General George Patton Museum and Center of Leadership in Fort Knox, Kentucky. The weapon’s $75,000 price tag includes the buyer’s premium.

Gotta love that “often considered to be a version of…” line; in fact, nearly all of Patton’s sidearms, whether revolvers or semi-automatics, were fitted with ivory (not pearl) grips. You can read all about Patton’s guns at this fascinating link.

Given the news from Colt today, one hopes the new owners can restore the mark’s classic luster.


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