Making the Tough Calls: Cameron Diaz or Kate Upton?


Via Ace of Spades, this splendid conversation starter in the Daily Mail:

According to their poll of 1,000 men and 1,000 women, when it comes to having the perfect body, men and women think differently about what is sexy. While women are hell-bent on achieving the slim, boyish shape of Cameron Diaz it is the curvy figure of Kate Upton that men most desire. Meanwhile, while Hugh Jackman’s beefy Wolverine look was the dream physique for men, more than half of women yearn for their man to look like Ryan Gosling.


Personally, I’m not much interested in the latter two, except as actors, but the Diaz/Upton question is worth pondering.  I’ve actually encountered Ms. Diaz (she’s taller than you think she’s going to be), so I can report that in the flesh she is a fine-looking woman. And Kate, well we’ve all certainly seen plenty of her.

According to Women’s Health readers, the sexiest body part of a man is his chest, closely followed by his face and bottom. And they would rather their man had hairs on their chest with just 28 per cent thinking it was acceptable for men to shave it. This contrasts to 44 per cent of men who think shaving their chest is an acceptable grooming ritual along with moisturising (84 per cent) and tweezing their eyebrows (43 per cent).

These statistics led Men’s Health Editor Toby Wiseman to comment: ‘Understanding what women want is one of the great mysteries all men have confronted down the ages, and some of our female respondents’ answers have been genuine eye-openers. ‘The good news is we can stand down on the preening – women are still in the market for someone distinctly masculine.’


Yes, but back to Cameron and Kate: whom would you choose? Voluptuous Kate or is there something about Mary…?

something about mary

Ladies? Gentlemen?






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