Vice President Tommy Udo

In the wake of last night’s bizarre vice-presidential debate, the takeaway notion is clear: an insane person is currently a heartbeat away from the White House. A giggling, mugging, eye-rolling, head-shaking lunatic, who was clearly under instruction from his political masters to go out there and show the country that the Left is not just a bunch of kumbaya kommie pansies but real red-blooded all-Americans, the kind of guys you’d want to be in a bar fight with.


Biden’s performance is being widely compared to the Joker in the Batman comics and movies, but say what you will about the Joker, he had least had a seriousness of purpose behind his grimacing mien. What’s Biden’s excuse? He doubled down on the suicidal stupidity of trying to blame the Intelligence Community for the political and moral evil that occurred last month in Benghazi — an unforced error necessitated by electoral desperation and President Obama’s overweening and arrogant sense of his own genius that will cost the administration dearly in the back alleys of foreign policy, where the IC can seriously affect the outcome of the game. He insulted Ryan (a man who’s never given Biden any personal affront) to his face, repeatedly — a blunder that won’t quickly be forgotten or forgiven when Ryan moves into the Naval Observatory. He embarrassed and shamed those good folks on the other side of the aisle who truly believe in the rightness of their cause.


And he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself as he did so.

In short, Biden’s no Joker. He’s Tommy Udo in Kiss of Death. And the kiss of death is what he just gave to the Obama campaign:

The Democrats were right about that wheelchair thing; they just had the wrong guy pushing it.

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