Authoritarian Left-wing Millennials Want to Criminalize 'Misgendering'

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According to a recent survey conducted by Newsweek, a shockingly large number of Millennials are adopting extremely left-wing views concerning gender identity and expression. The poll revealed that approximately 44% of 25- to 34-year-olds believe in criminal consequences for misgendering someone. Yes, you read that right: almost half of younger millennials think you and I should be criminally punished if we refuse to call a biological male who “identifies” as female a “woman.” What’s possibly even worse, only 31% of the same age group believe that misgendering should not be considered a legal offense. The others remain neutral — which is, of course, terrifying since it’s hard to see how anyone can remain neutral on such an issue.


This shift in perspective is not confined to younger Millennials alone. Older millennials and Gen Z show significant support, albeit to a lesser degree:

  • About 38% of respondents aged 35 to 44 expressed support for legal penalties for misgendering, while 35% disagreed (Older Millennials).
  • Around 33% of individuals aged 18 to 24 favored criminalizing misgendering, while 48% disagreed (Gen Z).

One positive takeaway from this survey is that the younger generation — those following the Millennials — are less inclined towards laws that clearly curb freedom of speech. However, a noteworthy 33-38% still exhibit considerable support for such regulations. Additionally, as Millennials gradually ascend to leadership roles in industries and politics, their perspectives can and will significantly influence legal and corporate norms for the coming years. We may have to wait for Gen Z to introduce a more diverse range of viewpoints and a less stringent approach to regulating speech. In the meantime, the freedom of speech will likely be mutilated beyond all recognition — just like the anatomy of those poor souls who think they are “born in the wrong body.”


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Indeed, the very idea of labeling ‘insulting speech’ as a crime is not just absurd but also presents a clear and present danger to our democratic norms. As conservatives, we are often left flabbergasted every time we navigate through the terrain of a left-wing magazine or website, where our history, values, and views are subjected to relentless critique and derogatory commentary.

The sense of insult intensifies when we are expected to affirm a person born male as a woman, based merely on their self-identification. It further escalates when our religious beliefs are harshly criticized and dismissively portrayed as ‘intolerant.’ Now, if we were to adopt the reasoning of these radical millennials, the logical conclusion would be to call for the criminalization of all leftwing viewpoints, particularly those pertaining to gender, an ironic turn of events.

In essence, once you venture down the slippery slope of penalizing ‘insulting speech,’ there’s no clear stop. Different factions would naturally seek to suppress different types of speech, leading us down a path where no form of free expression would remain (unless it aligns with a pre-approved script, a dystopian scenario that some ‘progressives’ may indeed envision). This opens up a Pandora’s box where the concept of free speech would be robbed of its true essence, an outcome we must resist with all our might.




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