Trump Defends Roger Stone: 'Cannot Allow This Miscarriage of Justice'

Roger Stone, political consultant for President-elect Donald Trump, boards an elevator at Trump Tower in New York, Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

President Donald Trump has angrily reacted to the news that prosecutors are recommending up to nine years in prison for Roger Stone. In their recommendation, they call foreign election interference a “deadly adversary,” although they don’t officially accuse Stone of working with either WikiLeaks or the Russians.


Roger Stone isn’t exactly the most sympathetic guy to ever work in politics. Quite the opposite, even. He was known as one of the dirtiest players in American political history.

Compared to the Justice Department and FBI officials who went after him, however, Stone is an angel. What the prosecutors are doing to him is incredible. They’re using the “Russia collusion” narrative, even though they haven’t actually charged him with it. As The Daily Caller explains, “the charges against Stone involved his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee about his interactions with associates regarding the topic of WikiLeaks, which released emails hacked from Democrats in 2016… Stone was also convicted on charges that he obstructed the House investigation and tampered with a potential witness.”

Although Democrats and the special counsel believed Stone conspired with Russia and/or WikiLeaks, the investigation found no evidence for it.

But prosecutors are still using these rumors to demand a high sentence? Insane.

There is sóme good news for Roger Stone, however: I’m not the only one who thinks prosecutors are overdoing it. President Trump himself has spoken out against the recommendation, calling it a “horrible and very unfair situation.”


“The real crimes were on the other side,” Trump added before concluding that he “[c]annot allow this miscarriage of justice!”

Is Trump preparing us for a presidential pardon? If so, will he intervene before or after his reelection?

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