[VIDEO] Stammering, Blabbering, Stuttering Pelosi Tries to Explain the Impeachment Delay

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In a video that has gone viral, Nancy Pelosi tries to explain why she has decided to delay the impeachment circus. The key part of that sentence is “tries to.” What comes out of her mouth makes no sense whatsoever. None.


If you want to know why Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House, you only have to watch this video of a news conference she gave on Thursday. Such eloquence! It’s absolutely amazing to listen to her. Martin Luther King Jr., eat your heart out!

“We are, we have, I have… When we bring the bill, which is, just so you know, there’s a bill made in order by the Rules Committee that we can call up at any time in order to send it to the Senate and to have the provisions in it to pay for the, for the impeachment. And then the next step, and the eh, que, uh… uhl … … whatever you want to call it, the qu uh, the trial,” Pelosi answered when asked about her decision not to submit the impeachment of President Donald Trump to the Senate.

“That is where you put the managers. I was not prepared to put the managers in that bill yet because we don’t know the arena that we are in,” she added.

None of the above makes any sense whatsoever. She only became somewhat coherent in the last part of her answer: “Frankly, I don’t care what the Republicans say.” Pelosi somehow was able to say that without stammering and stuttering. When she was giving the rest of her answer, Pelosi had more in common with a drunk auntie trying to talk about the latest breakthrough in microbiology than with previous Speakers of the House.


Seriously. What was she even trying to say? Did anyone get anything from that?

It goes without saying that the reactions on Twitter to Pelosi’s remarkable press conference have been harsh.




Ah, you’ve got to love politics. Nowhere else would this woman be able to refer to herself as “Speaker.”

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