Donald Trump Jr. to Mark Levin on Impeachment Sham: 'It's a Disgrace to Our Democracy'

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Speaking to popular conservative talk radio host Mark Levin on Thursday, Donald Trump Jr. lashed out at Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the ridiculous impeachment of his father, President Donald J. Trump.


“This thing has been a sham from moment number one,” Don Jr. said. “It’s a total disgrace to our democracy and to our republic,” he rightfully continued.

A sham, a disgrace, but it’s even worse. As Don Jr. put it, “It’s just really scary at this point.”

Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats feel they can do whatever they want. They don’t let anything stand in their way, including the U.S. Constitution, other rules, or just plain decency.

“She’s gotten what she wanted. She wanted to do it,” the first son said about the radical-leftist Speaker. “She’s pretending it’s such a somber moment… ‘It’s so somber, I’m going to dress in black because I really care about the Constitution… Our Republic, I care so much about it.’ Meanwhile, all the other Democrats are laughing and they’re doing their little dances and there are victory parties, and people at the Washington Post are saying ‘Merry Impeachmas‘ and they’re posting about it on social media. They don’t even pretend to care anymore.”

“It’s been going on from November 9th, 2016,” Trump Jr. went on to say. “The Washington Post was the first one to write it up, eleven minutes after my father was inaugurated. And this is just the culmination of three years and change of absolute hate for a guy that’s getting it done; for a guy that’s not going by what the Democrats would like him to do; for a guy who’s willing to fight back for you, for me, for all Americans, and putting up unprecedented results.”


“They can’t stand that,” he rightfully pointed out, “because it’s a disaster for their narrative of failed policies and idiotic, moronic plans that are not thought out, that make no sense economically, mathematically, or intellectually.”

“They have nonsense and they have a mainstream media who’s willing to say that they can do no wrong because they too know nothing other than their leftist principles. It’s truly a sad day for our country,” he added.

“It truly is, and they will do as much damage to the Constitution as they can,” Levin answered. The only good news about all of it is, he added, that they’ll end up doing more damage to themselves than to anyone else. President Trump is beating every Democratic candidate head-to-head right now, and he’s polling well in the all-important battleground states. “This doesn’t seem to be working, does it?”

“No,” Don Jr. replied, “it doesn’t.” He added that “it’s going to backfire grossly.”

Still, as the two gentlemen pointed out, Democrats don’t really have anything else to go with. The Trump economic boom is all too real. The facts show that Trump is a very good president. He has negotiated new, effective trade deals. He’s fighting back against the Democrats and their Media Complex (CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times), and he’s winning. What’s more, blue-collar workers know that, unlike modern-day Democrats, he has their backs.


As Don Jr. also said, American voters realize that too… which makes it very likely that next year’s election will result in a landslide victory for Trump.

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