Even MSNBC Is Forced to Admit: FBI Made 'Pretty Egregious, Very Clear Mistakes'

Pigs can fly! Seriously, it must be true. After all, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell has actually gone on record admitting that the FBI did a horrible job in the FISA process.


“There were very clear mistakes made by the FBI in the first approval and subsequent reapproval submissions for authorization by the FISA court,” Mitchell told MSNBC viewers.

“A particular point of something that is pretty egregious,” she went on to say, “which is the altering of a document to not inform the court and to not inform others that Carter Page, who was a former associate, Trump campaign associate, of the president, was actually also, at times, a confidential source of the CIA.”

That, Mitchell clearly felt herself being forced to admit (just look at her facial expression), is a very serious issue. “To not share that information,” she explained, “which would have been obviously exculpatory, which might have led the judge to not approve the surveillance warrant on him.”

It’s downright shocking for an MSNBC host to admit this.

However, there is a problem with her admission. The FBI didn’t make “mistakes.” They deceived the FISA judges on purpose. What they did was malicious. It was all part of an orchestrated attempt to spy on a presidential campaign in order to find dirt, with the goal of preventing Donald Trump from winning the election or, if he’d win, to remove him from office. After all, that’s what FBI agent Peter Strzok referred to in his infamous “insurance policy” message to his lover Lisa Page. The only “mistake” these rogue FBI agents made is that they let themselves be caught. But I’m quite sure that’s not what Mitchell was referring to.


The “mistakes” Mitchell talks about were criminal acts, which is why IG Horowitz referred FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith for criminal prosecution. Clinesmith may not be the only FBI agent to eventually be prosecuted for their role in the Russia Collusion Hoax.

Perhaps, over time, Mitchell will admit as much. For now, we’ll have to settle for her admission that the FBI made “pretty egregious […] very clear mistakes.” Compared to where the old, leftist mainstream media were at only a few weeks ago, that’s a considerable improvement.


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