Bannon on Why He Created the Impeachment War Room: 'There Isn't a Sense of Urgency on the Right'

Steve Bannon speaks to Vice about the impeachment process. (Source: VICE / YouTube)

The former head of and former adviser to President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, has recently launched a brand new initiative: War Room: Impeachment. Together with Raheem Kassam and Jason Miller, Bannon runs a website dedicated to the impeachment process. They also host a daily radio show on the subject which can be listened to online. Although Bannon seemed to have fallen out of Trump’s good graces, he’s clearly back.


In an interview with Vice, Bannon explains why he, Kassam, and Miller launched this initiative. “We’ve stuffed an entire war room,” Bannon said. “We have a surrogate program, we have op-research, we’re doing polling, we’re doing rapid response, so we have a war room actually that can focus on this impeachment process. In addition we happen to have a live radio show seven days a week and a podcast, just to get the word out. Particularly to get the word out to the grassroots MAGA-base.”

“The reason is,” he went on to explain, “that people have not been taking it seriously. There is not a sense of urgency on the right. I did a radio broadcast about a month ago and I actually said, on a date certain she’s [Rep. Nancy Pelosi] going to bring two charges: obstruction of justice and abuse of power, and they’re going to pass these two articles of impeachment and send it to the Senate.”

“And the MAGA listeners were, like, in meltdown. They said, ‘no it’s fake news, it’s a witch hunt, it’s deep state.’ I said, ‘hey, it could be that, or it could be aspects of that, but the reality, of what the reality is, is that Nancy Pelosi is a master of politics. I think, disinformation warfare. And she has run a master class here on how to change, you know, people’s opinions.”

When asked why he praises Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi so often in the radio show, Bannon explained that although he disagrees strongly with her on the issues, he respects her for being a “master political strategist” who has “driven this… She has done a tremendous job for someone who wants to either remove the president or more likely change the arc of his presidency.”


In the interview, Bannon also explains why he has launched this new initiative to protect Trump, considering that the president insulted him (by saying he had fired him “like a sloppy dog or something,” as Bannon himself puts it). “I’ve been doing this for ten years,” Bannon said. “I’ve been working on this populist-nationalist movement for ten years. President Trump is our leader. I’m a huge believer in President Trump. Since I’ve left the White House, every waking moment that I haven’t been in Europe or in Asia, has been working on building this populist-nationalist movement.”

“So, I’m a huge believer in President Trump. I’m a huge believer in his presidency. And I’m an even bigger believer in this populist-nationalist movement. And this is all on the line.”

He also explained that he’s certain that the president will not actually be kicked out of the White House. But that doesn’t mean that Bannon and his fellow populist-nationalists can celebrate. “What it’ll be is a partial acquittal. A pound of flesh is going to be taken.” The arc of the Trump presidency will be changed — if not voluntarily then by force. “Not the part that donors like, which is the deconstruction of the administrative state or the judges or the tax cuts. What they don’t like is the other three real pinnacles or legs of it, which is stop mass illegal immigration and limit legal immigration to protect our workers and build a wall; number two, confront China and bring back manufacturing jobs to the United States; and number three, get out of these endless foreign wars. Those three core elements of the Trump movement, and the reason that he’s president. The establishment doesn’t like at all… I believe that’s the pound of flesh they’re going to take, and extract, for having an acquittal.”


“So to me this thing is a dog fight and you’ve got to be involved in it every day,” Bannon concluded.

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