[VIDEO] Fox's Steve Hilton Exposes Democrats' 'Bribery' Hypocrisy

Steve Hilton hosts 'The Next Revolution' on the Fox News Channel. (Source: Fox News / Twitter.)

On his Fox News Channel show “The Next Revolution” Sunday, host Steve Hilton did a marvelous job of exposing the Democratic Party’s hypocrisy with regards to so-called bribery.


“Partisan blustering, nothing new. What a farce,” Hilton said about the impeachment hearings that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the process is nothing more or less than a coup against President Trump. “Let’s start, shall we, by enjoying for a moment the laughable hypocrisy of the Democrats’ latest, desperate impeachment gambit.”

“Apparently,” he went on to say, “it’s about bribery now.”

Next, Hilton showed footage of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi accusing President Trump of “bribery” with regards to Ukraine. “Like sheep,” other Democrats and their henchmen in the media repeated the accusation.

“Are they kidding?” Hilton wondered. “In the Swamp, bribery is their business model. What do you think of political donations” from “business” or lobbying PACs, he asked? This, he added, “is money in exchange for political favor. That is a bribe.”

He’s right, of course. It may be a legal bribe, but it’s still a bribe.

“Let’s pick some random examples,” Hilton continued. “Oh look, Adam Schiff! He took over $350,000 in bribes from the defense sector and, surprise surprise, pushed for military action overseas. Schiff took over $100,000 from AT&T. When it was reported that President Trump wanted to block the AT&T TimeWarner merger, guess who piped up on AT&T’s behalf?”


And then there’s Jerry Nadler. “He was bribed by lobbyists for Somalia and a motley assortment of other foreign governments. He took over $80,000 from teachers’ unions and in exchange voted against charter schools and voucher programs.”

That’s impressive, but there’s still “the queen of bribery, Nancy Pelosi.”

“She boasts about her fundraising prowess,” Hilton continued, “raising money is the way she clings to power. Her office proudly told the New York Times earlier this year that she’s raised over 750 million dollars since 2002. Does anyone think that that money is anything other than bribes?” Hilton asked.

“It worked for VISA,” he said by way of answering his own question. “In the 2008 cycle, they gave over $100,000 to Democrats. On top of the fact that Nancy herself snagged some preferential stock in the company, those bribes helped persuade Pelosi as Speaker of the House to kill off legislation that would’ve cut VISA’s revenues.”

“And then there’s the foreign bribes, including — unbelievably — the fact that Pelosi has taken money from lobbyists representing shady companies in Ukraine.”


As Hilton puts it, “bribery, thy name is Nancy!”

So, why do Democrats pretend they’re outraged by Trump supposedly “bribing” Ukrainian officials? The answer, of course, is that they’re not. Bribery is just the latest phrase they’ve decided to use in order to accuse the president of supposedly breaking the law. If the American people reject that accusation, however, they’ll undoubtedly switch to something else. That’s what they’ve done from day one. First it was collusion, then quid pro quo, and now bribery.

What’s next? Theft?


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