[VIDEO] War Hero Takes On Leftist Agitators Ruining Veterans Day

An angry veteran takes on protesters on Veterans Day. (Source: Twitter)

This is the kind of video that should be played time and again by the mainstream media. Of course, they won’t do any such thing. The reason? It undermines their attempt to portray the leftist agitators who call for President Trump’s impeachment as patriots. They’re no such thing, as the war hero in this video knows all too well.



“Give me a [censored] gun! I’ll shoot these sons of bit*hes!” the veteran shouts after he has tried telling leftist protesters that they were being extremely disrespectful. “It ain’t OK. I fought for the freedom you guys enjoy.” And how, he implies, do they repay him? By disrespecting him, his (former) brothers in uniform, and the president on Veterans Day.

Asked what upsets him, the veteran explains that he’s angry because the protesters are “holding up signs against our president.” “I’m not afraid of any of them. If I had a gun, I’d wipe them all out.”

It goes without saying that the last part is way over-the-top — and I’m sure he didn’t mean them, but that he was just so upset and angry by what he considered extremely disrespectful behavior on Veterans Day — but its clear that his main point is that it’s just completely disrespectful and unacceptable for leftists to use Veterans Day to protest against President Trump.

“I’m upset right now,” the elderly veteran explains later on in the video. “I come over here to enjoy Veterans Day, and look at what I got. I fought for the freedom that they’re enjoying. I was in the Pacific with MacArthur against the Japanese and I was also at the surrender of Japan. And I am mad.”


There’s little to no arguing against that part of his statement in front of the camera, of course. He has every right to be outraged. Leftist haters can protest Trump whenever they want, but not on the day Americans celebrate their veterans. This guy went through hell in order to protect America. The war against the Japanese was absolutely brutal. He undoubtedly lost many friends and possibly even relatives in that fighting… and now a bunch of Millennials ruin his special day because they think that their petty concerns trump his service to his (and their) country.

Pathetic, sad. Two words that perfectly describe the modern left.


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