Post Malone Has Released a New Album and It's the Bomb

Post Malone @ Ritual Nightclub feat. Alex Lost, Kofee, Gutta King Chris, Yuukon and VNCHY. Source: Drew Yorke-Slader / Flickr (CC BY 2.0).

“I never thought a Post Malone, Travis Scott and Ozzy Osborne song is what I need in my life… but here we are #HollywoodsBleeding.” That’s what Twitter user Alina writes about Post Malone’s new (much anticipated) album, Hollywood’s Bleeding. It’s simply awesome.


My favorite songs on Hollywood’s Bleeding are “A Thousand Bad Times,” “Sunflower” (which has a terrific ’80s sound to it), “On The Road,” and “Take What You Want.” The latter is the collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott the aforementioned Twitter user mentioned.

The single best one, as far as I’m concerned though? “Internet.” I’ve been playing that one five times in a row now. It’s just on repeat. That’s how good it is.

Responses to the album are overwhelmingly positive. “When your life had fallen apart,” Mr. Engineer writes on Twitter, “but Post Malone drops the album Hollywood’s Bleeding.”

Tristen has a gif representing him when the guitar solo starts on the song “Take What You Want.” It’s both hilarious and correct:

Or how about Tahir, who shows what happens to your headset when you’re 10 seconds into the album?


Oh yes. That’s exactly what happened to me too.

Jared had been waiting months for Post Malone’s new album and, well, let’s just say he wasn’t disappointed. As he puts it: “Issa banger!”

Twitter-user Britt is also mightily impressed. What she loves most about it is that he “experimented with lots of different sounds on this.” For example, “you have rap and chill pop and rock and 80s-esque and swingy and melancholic sad songs all on the same album.” Oh, and then there are “the collabs.” “I love the entire album,” she concludes, “it’s literally soooo good.”


Meanwhile, Haidy says that “this new Post Malone album got me crying and turning up at the same time.”

And this is Alma Sivic listening to the album (and me too!):

If Post Malone hoped that this would be the talk of the town (or actually: of the world), he has succeeded.



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