VIDEO: Georgia Democrat Accuses Cuban Guy of Saying 'Go Back Where You Came From'

Democratic Georgia Congresswoman Erica Thomas. Screenshot Twitter-video. Source: Andy Ngo / Twitter.

Erica Thomas is a member of the Georgia House of Representatives. Clearly, that’s not where she wants her political career to end, however. Yesterday, she suddenly claimed on Twitter that a white guy had harassed her at a grocery store, and had even told her to “go back where you came from!” Obviously, this was meant to prove that President Trump’s statements about The Squad are contagious.


However, the accused man didn’t take this lying down. When confronted by Rep. Thomas on camera he didn’t take a step back and insisted that she wasn’t telling the truth about their confrontation the day before:

Sparkes also calmly explained what had happened:


According to Sparkes, what happened is that Rep. Thomas was standing at the express lane. However, she had not ten but twenty items. That’s rather rude. He pointed that out to her… after which she came up to him and started to bully him. That last part isn’t exactly hard to believe considering the body language we see in the videos above. Sparkes is calm; Thomas is clearly trying to intimidate him.

What’s more, Sparkes also explains that a) he’s not white but Cuban and b) a Democrat.

Watching the videos can’t help but make you feel that Sparkes is telling the truth, while Thomas is simply trying to score some cheap political points. Well, guess what happened later?

Finally, the State Rep. Thomas admits that, well, he didn’t actually say “go back to where you came from.” Now, he only made “those types of references.”


There is footage from the original confrontation between the two, but that video hasn’t been made available — yet. The police are investigating the matter, however, so perhaps we will end up seeing it soon enough. For now, Sparkes — who has seen the footage — says that, on it, you can clearly see that she comes up to him, and that she’s berating him. In the end, he did call her a “lazy b-word,” but he is open and honest about that.

In short, from the looks of it, it seems like we’ve got yet another hate-crime hoax going on here.

Democrats: where they can’t find racism, they’ll just invent it.


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