John Kasich Condemns Trump's Tweets: 'I Aim to Be a Voice of Reason... We Should All Be Upset'

John Kasich strikes again! In a message to his supporters, the failed presidential candidate condemns President’s Trump controversial tweets about the notorious “Squad.”


“We should all be upset,” he writes, adding that “being upset isn’t enough,” however.

“It seems like every time I speak out against hate and division, people think it’s part of some political agenda or that it means I’m running for office,” Kasich writes, after which he admits that this, indeed, may be so. “I may run again but that’s not why I speak out.”

“I’ll be honest with you,” he continues, “I dislike getting asked every day to comment on the latest Trump-crisis. I’d much rather talk about the things that bind us together and the great power of the American people to enact change.”

Since he’s always going public with condemnations of one kind or another whenever President Trump does, says or tweets something he finds offensive, we know this to be untrue. But hey, let’s give him a pass on that one. After all, he’s a career politician.

Next, he starts building himself up. “But when I do weigh in,” he writes, “it’s because I aim to be a voice fo reason in a time when too few leaders are working to unify us and many more are dividing us.” Clearly, he puts President Trump in the second category.

“We should all be upset,” Kasich says about President Trump’s tweets about “The Squad” (Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley), about whom Kasich has nothing to say. Which is rather strange, considering that their statements about the American people — Congresswoman Omar saying, for instance, that Americans treat dogs better than immigrants because they’re racist –have been extremely divisive.


Kasich then adds that Trump’s “upsetting” tweets are “a call to action for each of us to think about how we can do better in our own lives and interactions with other people.”

“Can we be kinder? Can we be more understanding? Can we focus on those things that bind us together rather than those that divide us?” the Moderate Preacher™ asks. “I believe we can and that is why I speak out.”

How to carry out this call to action? By donating to Kasich’s organization, of course!

“If you believe in this mission and you want to help us grow our audience, please consider making a generous donation to support this organization.”

Ah! Beautiful words notwithstanding, this is what this message of Hope & Love™ is truly all about: raising more funds for his organization — an organization whose likely goal is to serve as a launchpad for a new (presidential) election campaign.


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