Colts Linebacker Edwin Jackson Killed by Drunk Driver With Deportation Order

Indianapolis Colts inside linebacker Edwin Jackson (53) during the NFL regular season game against the New York Jets on Monday, Dec. 5, 2016 in East Rutherford, N.J. The Colts won, 41-10. (Ric Tapia via AP)

On Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts informed fans that linebacker Edwin Jackson had died. The professional football player was killed in a car accident. The driver who caused the accident was, it was later reported, driving while intoxicated:


But that’s not all there is to this story. The Washington Times reports that Alex Cabrera Gonsales, 37, was wanted for deportation:

Mr. Cabrera Gonsales didn’t have a driver’s license, tried to flee the scene of the accident and had a blood-alcohol level of at least .15 (nearly twice the legal limit), authorities said.

The booking document, which specifies that Mr. Cabrera Gonsales has a detainer request on him, does not say whether was in the U.S. illegally or as a legal permanent resident who can still be deported for a serious crime.

No word yet from our open borders friends about this matter.

Shocking, I know.



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