Merkel Ally to Theresa May: Sack Boris Johnson

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The Brexit-negotiations between Britain and the European Union aren’t going as any of those involved hoped beforehand. Brits feel that the EU is demanding too much money from them, while the EU argues that Britain isn’t willing to pay enough for their “privilege” to regain their independence. Apparently, in the monstrous European construction, national sovereignty has to be bought.


Although most European leaders and EU officials feel that they might be able to get Theresa May to back down, they believe there’s one major problem. His name? Boris Johnson.

Johnson is Britain’s secretary of state. He was also one of the most vocal and important leaders of the pro-Brexit movement. In fact, if it wasn’t for him, chances are that Team Brexit would have lost the referendum. That’s how influential and popular Johnson was and is.

Ever since, Johnson has stood firm for his promise that Britain would exit the EU on its own terms. Yes, he prefers a friendship with the European bloc, but he’s not interested in paying off any European autocrats. Britain has the right to determine her own future. End of debate.

Because of this proud and realist attitude, Johnson has become public enemy number one in the European Union. Case in point:

“Boris Johnson must be sacked to prevent the Brexit negotiations breaking down, a senior MEP has urged Theresa May,” The Independent reported. “Manfred Weber, a key ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said the Foreign Secretary’s interventions left the Government ‘trapped by their own party quarrels and political contradictions.'”

“Please sack Johnson because we need a clear answer who is responsible for the British position,” said the leader of the centre-right EPP grouping in the European Parliament.

Weber and his ilk are going all-out against Johnson now because he recently had the audacity to set out “four Brexit red lines” for Prime Minister Theresa May:


1. The transition period post-Brexit must be a maximum of 2yrs.. & not a second more
2. UK must refuse to accept new EU or ECJ rulings during transition
3. No payments for single market access when transition ends
4. UK must not agree to shadow EU rules to gain access to market

Those are completely reasonable demands, but — of course — EU leaders beg to differ. In fact, every single one of these points is “unacceptable” to them.

And so they are now telling May to get rid of Johnson. If not, they say, negotiating a good deal will be virtually impossible.

If May has any sense, she’ll tell those European megalomaniacs — and their good friend Angela Merkel — where they can shove their demands. If the EU doesn’t want to have a fruitful and positive relationship with Britain, so be it. Britain doesn’t need the EU any more than the EU needs her.


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